Andhra Pradesh : New Species grass

Andhra Pradesh : New Species grass

A new grass species has been discovered in the Nigidi forest of Anantapur district. The species has been named after reputed botanist Dr PV Prasanna , scientist G, Botanical Survey of India (BSI).
While working on grass diversity at the Nigidi forest between 2017 and 2019 . Dr prasad noticed a unique grass population belonging to Lophopogon.

Andhra Pradesh Biodivesity Board research scientist Dr Kothareddy Prassad, who discovered the new species, said: “The new grass species belongs to the genus ‘Lophopogon’ and rice family. It is named as Lophopogon prasannae.”

Third Species:-
Lophopogon- a genus of Indian plants in the grass family – is endemic to dry parts of India such as Ap , Bihar , Bihar , Gujarat , karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Tamil Nadu.

It consists of two species only and the recently discovered species is the third species.

Lophopogon prasannae has been assessed as ‘critically endangered’ based on the Intemational Union for Conservation of Nature’s ‘red list’ criteria.

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